Who are you?

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I respect that you are religious, and I admire your dedication to your faith. That being said, I also do not care what you believe in. I couldn’t care less. Be offended, i don’t care. I have been told many times that I am a worthless person because of my lack of faith in what you believe in. Why should it be acceptable for you to offend me, but not for me to offend you? Why then should I be forced to behave in a manner that is considered acceptable to your belief structure, when it has nothing to do with mine? I have never tried to impose rules on you because I think what you are doing is wrong or disgusting. Sometimes I think that the way you treat your children is abusive, but you are the on in my face telling me I don’t deserve children because of the way I intend to raise them.

You think you are extremely important, because of your beliefs, I disagree. I think you are no better than any body else, regardless of beliefs. Your beliefs give you no power over me, or anybody else. You are so sure that you are right that you have decided that it is acceptable for you and yours to decide how my children will be raised and educated, because you arrogantly assume that people will agree with you. You are wrong. I not only don’t agree with you I think you need to shut up, back off, and stay out of other people’s lives.

You are so ignorant to what other people think that you believe that the world is trying to turn your children gay. Nobody cares what your child’s sexual orientation is. That is, until you begin abusing them because of it. I am ok with my child being gay, and so you need to butt out. It is none of your business. If my child feels more comfortable discussing their sexual confusion with a school counselor, I encourage them to do so, because I trust the faculty at the school I choose for my children. I trust that they will be honest and neutral when discussing important matters with my children, at that they will do so with the honor to which they are bound. What makes you think you are important enough to decide that that isn’t ok? Who are you? I have never even met you, I don’t trust you with decisions about my child’s life.

What makes you think you have the right to choose for me? You come to my home, you leave litter on my doorstep. Do I do that to you? Do I wake you up at 7am on a Sunday so that I can make sure to get my opinions in before you potentially go to the wrong brick building that morning?

Do I tell you what you can and cannot do with your body based on my own beliefs? No, I don’t, but if I were going to I would tell you that you can do whatever you want, it is your body. I don’t try to tell you that you are a bad person because you are tattooed, but you glare at me in the grocery store. I don’t force you to believe that a baby is not a baby when it has no heart to beat. I don’t make every attempt to make sure that you are a broken person for the rest of your life because you became pregnant against your will, or simply because you made, what you feel, is a mistake. Why do you think it’s ok to do that to me? Why do you force me to resort to saying things in a manner in which I know will offend you, in order to get you to understand that what is right for you may not be right for me?  My reasons are my own, I do not have to answer to you. You are nobody to me.

You are the religious one, but you are not the tolerant one. I am the tolerant one.



I speek politix!

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Have we already forgotten making fun of Bush’s grammar and vocabulary?  Did the words he coined much to our own humor get left on the side of the road when he left office?  We made fun of Bush for such bushisms as ‘nucular’ because saying things like that really present you are a bit stupid.  I thought we were finally figuring out that in order for a person to be treated as though they were an intelligent person worthy of ‘adult talk’ they had to present themselves as such.  It seems like every time I turn around someone is arguing with me in broken English.  I can usually decipher the code, but it does get really annoying.  Why don’t people care about how they present themselves to others?  Has the internet numbed us that much?  Take for example…

“true no politician should be able to give a contract to a company they have any interest in period conflict of interest.but unfortunately there not inforcing that for some reason”

This was part of a Facebook discussion from this morning.  I have no doubt that this person isn’t slow in the head.  I am pretty sure they graduated high school, as they mentioned in the thread going to high school with a member of my family, the same high school I went to.  Looking over this person’s profile I can see that they did graduate, they read, they have raised a number of children, and live what appears to be a fulfilling life.  So, I can’t judge them and say ‘Wow, this person is stupid, how can I argue with them.’  They seem to be at least minimally knowledgeable about what they are saying, although they refuse to stray from opinion and belief into the realm of reality, so it’s hard to say.  They did make one very uninformed statement, but it’s a pretty common one.  So all in all, this is not a stupid person, there is nothing ignorant and uneducated about their thoughts.  They have obviously ptu as much thought into what they are saying as anyone else off the street who is willing to share an opinion.

The only thing I really see wrong here is the presentation.  Now I don’t believe for a minute that this person doesn’t understand the different forms of their, there, and they’re.  I just think that people care so little about things like that nowadays that  people don’t pay attention to it.  Maybe this is the fault of the internet.  Most websites, including Facebook, have an automatic spell check.  people have come to rely on it to get their words right and so they don’t take the time to glance over what they have written to see if it makes sense.  I am in no way saying that I am a grammatical genius, but I do make an honest effort to get things right.  At least I hope I do well enough that I present myself in a way that makes people feel like they can take me seriously.  I wouldn’t want to be misunderestimated or anything.

Real men wear pink!

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The other day I was looking at the facebook page of one of my favorite bloggers (The Feminist Breeder) and she said something I found quite odd.

“I’d like to write about this, but my head has exploded into little pieces all over my keyboard. Instead, I’m gonna go paint my sons’ toenails like they’ve been asking me to, take a picture, and send it to Fox News.”

Uh.. what?  What is so bad she can’t write about it, and why would she send pictures of her sons toenails to Fox News?  I figured that if she is painting them pink, and sending them to Fox, something stupid must be going on that I have not yet heard about.  I had to figure out what.  I don’t like to be in the dark about the stupid!  Lucky me, she linked a Hulu video, and I love Jon Stewart!


The video clip was great, I guess Jon Stewart basically pointed out all the stupid.  How far backwards have we had to go to think that painting a boy’s toenails pink is encouraging him to be gay or transgender?  Really?  Why, just last summer I painted my husband’s toenails dildo, oops I meant neon, pink.  Trust me folks, he is still straight.  Although now I am pretty glad his co-workers and workplace superiors never knew, they might have kicked him out of the Army for it at this rate!

Well, like I said, I am not one to miss the stupid, so I had to research this a little bit.  The first thing I felt I needed to do was find the original photo.

So that’s the oh so offending image.  I’m shocked they didn’t attack his hair too.  He’s a pretty cute kid.  I think a person would be hard pressed to find a boy-type, young or old, that grew up with an older sister, or a single mom, or both, that didn’t have his nails painted.  He probably got dressed up in a dress once or twice too.  I was talking about this, among other gender identifiers, with a friend the other day.  These kinds of gender identifiers are not born with us.  Yes, there are some thing that a very young child will exhibit that express gender differences, but color choice is not one of them.  She pointed out to how so many things that are considered ok for women to do, have been labeled as girly, and men can’t do them.  ‘I am allowed to cry in public’ she said.  As well as a number of other things.  Men can’t worry too much over their appearance, or what other people think of them, and god forbid they want to cover an embarrassing blemish with a little makeup or ~gasp~ PAINT THEIR NAILS!!!!  It’s silly.

Find me a man who was ‘turned gay’ by pink nail polish, please.  Find me a transgender man who will say ‘I knew I wanted to be a woman the moment my mother painted my toenails as a child.’  Yea, thats not going to happen.  People are getting so obsessed with other people’s business that suddenly an advertisement for a clothing designer is now a political stance on homosexuality.  Is the kid healthy?  Fed?  Clothed? Cared for?  If the answer is yes, then it’s none of your business how his parents raise him.  Nobody would ever step up on the news and slander a white upper middle class suburban catholic family for raising their child as catholic, however there are a lot of people who think it’s a negative way to raise a child.  We know for a fact that even a same sex couple can raise a child that is straight.  So why do we think it’s possible to force a child to be gay with nail polish?

Pay close attention to these toes…

Yea, thats former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell.  I’d say he’s rather ‘manly’.

You and me are free to be you and me (within reason of course…)

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When I was in middle school I was in a show called Free To Be… You And Me. It was created as a record album and book, but later became an ABC after school special, and eventually a stage show comprised of a series of skits. The idea was to promote gender neutrality to young children during a time when it was becoming important to people. The major theme was that anyone can grow up to be and do anything, regardless of whether or not they were a boy or a girl. That they were equals.

I think it’s pretty widely accepted now that little girls can grow up to to be doctors and little boys can be stay at home dads. Great so, we can pursue any career of our liking, but is that really all it takes to be ‘me’? No.

It wasn’t until 1967 that the ban on interracial marriage was declared unconstitutional (if you don’t know about Loving v. Virginia check it out here). That is 43 years after Virginia passed the Racial Integrity Act of 1924. It also overturned the case of Pace v. Alabama from 1883 that rules Alabama’s anti-miscegenation laws as constitutional. 1883! It took 84 years, probably more, to finally make interracial marriage legal in the United States. Now in 2011, 44 years after the U.S Supreme Court ruled the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 unconstitutional, interracial marriages are not uncommon, or shocking to see. There are still those that don’t agree with it, but we can safely say that the right to marry someone of another race will not be taken away from us.

The battle to legalize interracial marriage spanned over a time when people did not have equal rights, and finally ended during the heart of the Civil Rights Movement. So it’s no surprise that it took as long as it did. Thanks to the people who made this push for civil rights, we don’t have to fight for equality any more, right? Well no, no really. We know that we can not legally be discriminated against based on gender, race, disability, or religion.

People have been fighting for equality for so many years, and we have made so many advances, that it only makes sense that when a new issue of equality comes up, if shouldn’t take very long for people to acknowledge the necessity of extending personal freedom providing it does not infringe upon the rights of others. It’s a pretty basic idea really, if someone if doing something you don’t like, but also doesn’t cause harm to anyone, you suck it up and leave well enough alone. More basic, if Jenny is coloring the grass in her picture purple, and Johnny doesn’t like it, that’s too bad. Jenny gets to color her grass whatever color she likes.

So now we find ourselves as a nation presented with another case of equal rights in marriage. This should be an easy thing to clear up, it would seem we have already learned what to do in these situations. Yea right… I’d like to think that the majority of Americans now understand that if a black man and a white woman get married, it causes people who are against such unions no harm whatsoever. So now we have homosexual couples wanting to marry. Personally I never could have fathomed why this is a bad thing. No body should be denied love, and all the things that come with it.

Imagine that your spouse has supported you your entire life, and now they are dying. You are elderly, unable to support yourself, and in desperate need of the insurance benefits you are entitled to upon your spouse’s death. You know you will be able to survive after this tragic loss because you are legally bound to one another through marriage. You are still taken care of. What if you hadn’t been allowed to marry though? You would not be able to support yourself, you would not have been allowed to make decisions for your spouse regarding the end of their life. You would have no rights at all. They may not even allow you to visit them one last time.

That in mind, again, it seems very silly to me that there is even a question about extending these equalities to homosexual couples. Unfortunately the question has been raised. However we study history so we are not doomed to repeat it right? Which means to me that we would remember this same thing coming up with interracial marriage, see how silly it is to even ask, and extend equal rights to these people as well. Well apparently we have not learned form our own history, and we are still denying people equal rights. There can only be a single definition to the term equal rights, it’s all or none, and we’re going with none.

People claim that they are undermining the sanctity or marriage. Allowing two people who love each other and want to take care of one another to be married is undermining the sanctity of marriage… Allowing people to get married in Las Vegas (or anywhere else) while too drunk to make life altering decisions, and then have it annulled the next day doesn’t undermine the sanctity of marriage though, people are ok with that. Tell me, please, who does it harm to allow two people of any gender or sexuality, that love each other very much, to be married? How do -you- justify telling them they are not allowed to do so? What gives you that right?

Girls night!!!

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Wow, I haven’t had a real girl’s night in too long!  Last night was fantastic!  Met up with Steph and Michele at Granite City where I was robbed blind by one of the best tasting margaritas I have ever had.  I think it was so yummy because there was an obvious lack of alcohol, and quite a bit of crushed ice in the bottom of the rather small glass.  It was fun though.  We sat and talked about old times, new times, wedding stuff!  Michele is getting married this summer too and going through all the same stuff I am.  The main event of the night was a midnight showing of Sixteen Candles at Notre Dame.  I had actually never seen it before!  I feel like a more complete person now, having seen it.  I was still feeling pretty sick but it was great to hang out and watch a silly 80s love story.

I ended up sleeping pretty late today, I don’t usually stay up that late!  When I finally woke up, joy oh joy, now Sean is sick!  If we start passing this cold back and forth I will die!  I went to CVS and loaded up on supplies though.  This is a terrible time for this to happen, we have to move next week.  I know I didn’t want to do anything while I was sick, which has lasted for four days now, and I am sure Sean won’t want to move a muscle for the next four or five days.  I just hope he will be well enough by next weekend to load the trailer, so in the meantime I am just going to make sure everything is ready to go.  I’m pretty excited about our house, sick or not, nothing can ruin it for me!

It’s never lupus!

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Egads I’m gonna die!  I am the BIGGEST baby when I am sick.  Also, being sick does not mesh well with my new lifestyle.  It was Tuesday of this week, today is Thursday, and I was super busy.  I had so many errands to run!  I do believe I told you about them.  Well, maybe I told you about Monday’s excessive errands, those two days kind of blended together in a tie dyed t-shirt of stress.  Let me break it down, we’re moving AND trying to finalize wedding plans.  Neither of those things on their own is any fun at all, but together they will try to conquer your sanity.  Tuesday morning I really kicked myself into gear though.  I had a doctor’s appointment first (down ten pounds, and my blood pressure is perfect, whee!) then I took a big bite out of the day.

I knew I wanted to hit the bridal shop, I picked out my veil and I wanted to see if they had them in yet.  While I was there I did a lot of stuff I hadn’t really put any thought into yet.  Tried on bras, look at slips, veils, checked on orders, and ordered myself a dress for the rehearsal/reception.  Whew!  That was a load of stuff I hadn’t worried about yet, but don’t have to now!

I think I was there for over an hour.  After that I intended to run by the restaurant doing the little bit of catering we are having done, but they were closed, so to the rental shop!  I had gone through prices in the rental booklet with my Mom, but man oh man, I had no idea how much it was added up!  The woman was super helpful so I spent close to an hour there listening to all her thoughts and suggestions.  $1600 later I finally left.  It seems like there was a lot more, but I think this was about when I started heading back south of town.

I needed to stop at Staples, which is in the same complex as Fashion Bug, so I hit both of those stores, but alas, no new gym clothes.  Gym clothes, hm…  yea, I think this was where I made the sudden decision to join a gym, and I was down the road from one that’s pretty cheap.  Not sure what made me do that, but I did it, and I am really glad that I did.  That took quite a while, but then I was finally off to Wal Mart (one call to my Mother in law that I kept forgetting to make also complete) to pick up my new prescriptions and I finally got to go home!

Needless to say after such a long day I didn’t really feel much like taking a, h hot yoga class, but it wasn’t as though I had much choice in the matter.  Somewhere during the day I picked up the very beginning of a cold, which started as a nasty headache.  I didn’t realize it was a cold, and I was still determined to start using my gym membership the next day, so I cancelled yoga that night and went to bed early.

My headaches are much less frequent and sever since I have started practicing yoga than they have ever been as long as I can remember, but I absolutely cannot practice with a headache.  I tried it once, it was disastrous.  I was determined though.  Wednesday was coming, and with it my first trip to the gym and a yoga 1.5 class that I first took last week, and really enjoyed.  I didn’t want to miss either.

I had told the girl at the gym I would be there around 10, and she was going to help me through the workout, I was super excited.  My alarm wet off at 9, and I was awake, but I could not move.  The headache hadn’t gone away so much as it had gotten infinitely worse.  So I stayed in bed and kept trying to fall asleep, hoping it would ease off a bit.  It must have been close to noon when I finally gave up.  I kept pushing through my little rituals of getting rid of a headache.  4 aspirin, a super hot bath, and a good lunch later the headache was gone and I was somehow still motivated to go to the gym!  I got there around 2:00, better late than never!

The workout was fantastic.  Cardio and weights, I have never done anything with weights before, and it was awesome having someone walk me through it telling me all the little things I would have overlooked.  I felt pretty darn great after that!  I was looking forward to yoga even more, and encouraging my best buddy to make it there with me.

So at 7:00 we were both psyched to go to this class when she calls me to inform me that it was at 6:00 not 7:30 <sadface> Shoe shopping!  Sniffles!  Sniffles?  wtf…. by 10:00 I was DYING!  I came home, I ate my take out mexican, I went to bed, I whined and whimpered and I still am.  I made it to a job interview this morning but I cancelled my beloved body sculpt class and slept all day.

I’m not sure what I was thinking this morning, but I brought home Krispy Kreme donuts.  Did you know those have almost 300 calories each?  I am sick, and I am a wimp about it, and I am reverting my my old comforts to soothe me.  They aren’t working.  I know yoga and the gym wouldn’t have helped me today either, but I think that an extra hour alone with my book and my fuzzy slippers would have soothed me much more effectively that those silly donuts.  At least I figured this out before the day had ended and I am not messing with the leftovers, or the fantastic looking cupcakes that Grandma made today.  I took a page from my Husband’s book on the cupcakes.  When I asked him if he wanted one he said “I’m not hungry” and I thought “Hm, neither am I, they can sit there.”  That was pretty tremendous.  Even though I screwed up with the donuts this morning, I think the cupcakes were a breakthrough, especially being sick.  Did I tell you I am pretty sure that it’s meningococcal meningitis?  Yea, Walgreens commercial said that early symptoms resemble a common cold.  Sean says it’s lupus, but it’s never lupus.



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Yoga should not cause you stress.  Yoga, should NOT, cause you stress!  Why does yoga seem to take the blame today?  I am here, waiting for the washer to play it’s merry tune, so that I can race upstairs, throw my clothes into the dryer, jump in the shower, get out of the shower and put on my still damp yoga clothes, pack my gym bag with still damp regular clothes and drive like a bat out of hell to get to my noon class.  While I sit here waiting, I can’t help but go over the list of things I have to do today.  I have to call JPPSO (silly Army, this call will be the most difficult I make all day, and chances are I won’t get through to a person) the doctor, the dance studio, the electric company, the gas company, and the cable company.  Then I have to run across town to the storage place the military has out household good at and try to figure something out from them because JPPSO didn’t answer the phone (Yea, I already know this will happen.  I am psychic).  I desperately need to go talk to the florist and it has to be done today, early this afternoon, like…  in an hour.  Oh, and I have to go to the mall to return a pair of shoes because I got home and…  What was I thinking!  Sometimes I don’t know where my brain is, but it usually doesn’t lead me to buy awful shoes.  I also want to try to look for a dress for my rehearsal.  Which reminds me, I have to go down to hacienda and talk to the manager about that rehearsal dinner, oh, and I need to finish those last few invitations.  I better stop at office stores to see if I can find magnet paper since Staples is out…

Yea… you see where I am going here?  It’s really not fair to blame my situation today on yoga, it just happened that way!  I am not stressed because I wanted to go to a yoga class at noon today (thats in 45 minutes, laundry isn’t done yet) I am stressed because I am trying to move, and plan a wedding, and do so around yoga and…  I bought ugly shoes!  I don’t know but I am pretty sure thats a symptom of a lurking mental breakdown.  So, i cancelled my afternoon class.  I didn’t want to, it’s so easy to cancel the class, it’s much harder to attend.  This time I really think it’s for the better though.  I will go out, get all my shenanigans taken care of, and be there for a stress relieving pure solace class tonight, and I can just melt.  On days like today I really look forward to classes like that.  Yoga is not the cause of my stress today, it’s only the scapegoat.  Yoga is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, second only to my wonderful husband who knows how important it is to me that I continue to go no matter what.  I’ll be there for that class tonight, and my worries for the day will just float away.  I’ll sleep like a baby tonight (as I do every night now since I have started practicing yoga) and tomorrow will be a fantastic day, where I won’t have to worry about all this junk I have today, because it will be done.  I can’t wait, I just hope I don’t explode or have a major meltdown in the meantime!

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