Today is day 7!  I missed yesterday because I went to Shipshewana with Stephanie, then Kelsey and I met Steph at her house for a little wedding planning.  It was a super fun day and I really needed it.  As we do every Sunday, Steph and I met up for a 9:30 Yoga 1.5 class this morning.  It was a nice easy class, and today thats just what I needed.  I am a little sore, but my muscles aren’t tightening up from overuse.  My body is just still adjusting to the next activity level I am forcing upon it.  I am really keeping it in a constant state of needing to adjust, because every class I focus, not on how far I have come in my abilities, but what the next step is from where I am on that day.  Maybe on Monday I can put my hands flat on the floor without bending my knees, and on Tuesday it’s just my fingertips, everyday I push a little bit more than where ever I am.

Today it was a wide stance forward fold.  I can pretty much always get my forearms on the floor, easy peasy.  Today my hips felt really forgiving though, so I opened up my stance a little bit more, and sure enough, the top of my head was on the floor.  It’s amazing remembering where I was on that first day.  I couldn’t roll down from seated to laying on my back without basically falling the last few inches.  Now I can do it easily.  Normally I keep my eyes shut, but I happened to open them today and notice that Steph had her hands wrapped around her foot with one leg extended in front of her.  The first time she and I went together I remember her only being able to reach her shin.  That’s pretty fantastic!  She has amazingly long legs, so it’s a long reach.  No big deal for my stubby little legs!

I’m still keeping my daily journal, and I may keep it up after this challenge is over.  I am hoping I can not only make it to day 11, but go to a 6am class on that day!  Two classes for me tomorrow, I have to make up for yesterday.  Body Sculpt in the morning.  I am SO glad Liz added this class, her Thursday Scuplt class is one of my FAVORITES!  Then in the evening I am think Pure Solace Flow.  A nice relaxing class after pushing myself hard in the morning sounds good.  I am even starting to look forward to H Hot on Tuesday!  I am never really smart enough to look forward to going, but I always look forward to how I feel after!

Today I am working on my wedding invitations.  I still have so much to do!  I have everyone finished from the list I got from Sean’s Mom though, I just have to do my friends and family now, as well as a few other little things.  Hopefully I will get plenty done today!  Namaste!


~ by lmkelley on March 20, 2011.

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