Yoga! (Originally posted Mar 18 on tumblr)

I started taking yoga a couple months ago, and almost immediately it began to change my life.  Last week one of the instructors told me that they were planning a 10 day yoga challenge.  I think the people who complete it get their names put in a drawing for… something, but it sounded like fun to me.

Today is day 5, and so far so good.  I will miss tomorrow though, but I plan on making that up by taking 2 classes on Monday.  I will certainly enjoy the little break, this has been a tough week.  Monday started off easy enough with a level 1 intro class.  Then on Tuesday evening, and again Wednesday morning, I went to H Hot yoga.  It’s basically a fairly beginner class, but done in a 100 degree room.  It’s definitely one of the more difficult classes I take, but it seems like it’s one of the most rewarding.  I come out of that hot room feeling so much better that I did when I went in.  All the aches and pains I may have been feeling are gone, and I just feel so relaxed.  Finish it off with a long hot shower and I am in heaven!

On Thursdays I take a body sculpt class.  The studio owner, Liz, encouraged me to take this one a couple weeks back.  I have been to it twice and I really like it.  It’s very very difficult for me, and I can’t keep up with the rest of the class, but I am getting there.

Today was pure solace flow.  I adore pure solace flow.  When I first went into the room the lights were all off, and there were candles on all the way around the walls.  I couldn’t see at all.  After standing in the doorway for a couple minutes, trying to let my eyes adjust, I risked the short 2 or 3 steps to the stack of mats against the wall.  The corner created a shadow making that particular spot pitch black, and I kind of crept slowly feeling for the things I knew would be against that wall.  I finally got myself a mat, without stepping on anyone, and about the time I found a place to lay it down the instructor walked in and commented about how very dark it was and turned the lights up a bit.  Well, I made it in anyway.  I had a terrible headache, so anything upside down was pretty much off the table.  That wasn’t a terrible loss though.  There are some poses that I only really see done in that class, and it’s nice and slow.  It just makes me feel good all over.

Last night I decided to start journaling about my progress.  I wish the thought had occurred to me sooner, but better late than never!  I will post those journals, probably Sunday, for tomorrow, I shop!



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