A plague is on me!

So, I met the great woman at yoga a couple weeks ago.  Her name is Meredith and she is a lifestyle coach.  She has a blog, check it out http://www.findyourhealthyvoice.com.  I think she’s great.  Well she was talking to me about the ‘white stuff’ that we all love and can’t keep away from.  Basically things like pasta and rice.  Go brown she told me.  Did I listen?  Nooooo.  Why would I do a silly thing like that?  I did it.  I had spaghetti tonight.  I was good, we had spaghetti the other day too, and I didn’t eat it.  She says that it makes you crave sweet things.  I had never noticed before, but here I am, after 2 ENTIRE plates of spaghetti, wanting soda.  I don’t drink sugary soda!  Meredith says not even wheat spaghetti is good, it’s all processed food.  So…  I really need to get myself a box of (blech) brown rice, and get used to it.  How am I going to manage to stay away from teh stuff when it’s my husband’s favorite food!!!!

Here is a link to Meredith’s post about spaghetti and it’s partners in crime.




~ by lmkelley on March 26, 2011.

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