Yoga should not cause you stress.  Yoga, should NOT, cause you stress!  Why does yoga seem to take the blame today?  I am here, waiting for the washer to play it’s merry tune, so that I can race upstairs, throw my clothes into the dryer, jump in the shower, get out of the shower and put on my still damp yoga clothes, pack my gym bag with still damp regular clothes and drive like a bat out of hell to get to my noon class.  While I sit here waiting, I can’t help but go over the list of things I have to do today.  I have to call JPPSO (silly Army, this call will be the most difficult I make all day, and chances are I won’t get through to a person) the doctor, the dance studio, the electric company, the gas company, and the cable company.  Then I have to run across town to the storage place the military has out household good at and try to figure something out from them because JPPSO didn’t answer the phone (Yea, I already know this will happen.  I am psychic).  I desperately need to go talk to the florist and it has to be done today, early this afternoon, like…  in an hour.  Oh, and I have to go to the mall to return a pair of shoes because I got home and…  What was I thinking!  Sometimes I don’t know where my brain is, but it usually doesn’t lead me to buy awful shoes.  I also want to try to look for a dress for my rehearsal.  Which reminds me, I have to go down to hacienda and talk to the manager about that rehearsal dinner, oh, and I need to finish those last few invitations.  I better stop at office stores to see if I can find magnet paper since Staples is out…

Yea… you see where I am going here?  It’s really not fair to blame my situation today on yoga, it just happened that way!  I am not stressed because I wanted to go to a yoga class at noon today (thats in 45 minutes, laundry isn’t done yet) I am stressed because I am trying to move, and plan a wedding, and do so around yoga and…  I bought ugly shoes!  I don’t know but I am pretty sure thats a symptom of a lurking mental breakdown.  So, i cancelled my afternoon class.  I didn’t want to, it’s so easy to cancel the class, it’s much harder to attend.  This time I really think it’s for the better though.  I will go out, get all my shenanigans taken care of, and be there for a stress relieving pure solace class tonight, and I can just melt.  On days like today I really look forward to classes like that.  Yoga is not the cause of my stress today, it’s only the scapegoat.  Yoga is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, second only to my wonderful husband who knows how important it is to me that I continue to go no matter what.  I’ll be there for that class tonight, and my worries for the day will just float away.  I’ll sleep like a baby tonight (as I do every night now since I have started practicing yoga) and tomorrow will be a fantastic day, where I won’t have to worry about all this junk I have today, because it will be done.  I can’t wait, I just hope I don’t explode or have a major meltdown in the meantime!


~ by lmkelley on March 28, 2011.

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