It’s never lupus!

Egads I’m gonna die!  I am the BIGGEST baby when I am sick.  Also, being sick does not mesh well with my new lifestyle.  It was Tuesday of this week, today is Thursday, and I was super busy.  I had so many errands to run!  I do believe I told you about them.  Well, maybe I told you about Monday’s excessive errands, those two days kind of blended together in a tie dyed t-shirt of stress.  Let me break it down, we’re moving AND trying to finalize wedding plans.  Neither of those things on their own is any fun at all, but together they will try to conquer your sanity.  Tuesday morning I really kicked myself into gear though.  I had a doctor’s appointment first (down ten pounds, and my blood pressure is perfect, whee!) then I took a big bite out of the day.

I knew I wanted to hit the bridal shop, I picked out my veil and I wanted to see if they had them in yet.  While I was there I did a lot of stuff I hadn’t really put any thought into yet.  Tried on bras, look at slips, veils, checked on orders, and ordered myself a dress for the rehearsal/reception.  Whew!  That was a load of stuff I hadn’t worried about yet, but don’t have to now!

I think I was there for over an hour.  After that I intended to run by the restaurant doing the little bit of catering we are having done, but they were closed, so to the rental shop!  I had gone through prices in the rental booklet with my Mom, but man oh man, I had no idea how much it was added up!  The woman was super helpful so I spent close to an hour there listening to all her thoughts and suggestions.  $1600 later I finally left.  It seems like there was a lot more, but I think this was about when I started heading back south of town.

I needed to stop at Staples, which is in the same complex as Fashion Bug, so I hit both of those stores, but alas, no new gym clothes.  Gym clothes, hm…  yea, I think this was where I made the sudden decision to join a gym, and I was down the road from one that’s pretty cheap.  Not sure what made me do that, but I did it, and I am really glad that I did.  That took quite a while, but then I was finally off to Wal Mart (one call to my Mother in law that I kept forgetting to make also complete) to pick up my new prescriptions and I finally got to go home!

Needless to say after such a long day I didn’t really feel much like taking a, h hot yoga class, but it wasn’t as though I had much choice in the matter.  Somewhere during the day I picked up the very beginning of a cold, which started as a nasty headache.  I didn’t realize it was a cold, and I was still determined to start using my gym membership the next day, so I cancelled yoga that night and went to bed early.

My headaches are much less frequent and sever since I have started practicing yoga than they have ever been as long as I can remember, but I absolutely cannot practice with a headache.  I tried it once, it was disastrous.  I was determined though.  Wednesday was coming, and with it my first trip to the gym and a yoga 1.5 class that I first took last week, and really enjoyed.  I didn’t want to miss either.

I had told the girl at the gym I would be there around 10, and she was going to help me through the workout, I was super excited.  My alarm wet off at 9, and I was awake, but I could not move.  The headache hadn’t gone away so much as it had gotten infinitely worse.  So I stayed in bed and kept trying to fall asleep, hoping it would ease off a bit.  It must have been close to noon when I finally gave up.  I kept pushing through my little rituals of getting rid of a headache.  4 aspirin, a super hot bath, and a good lunch later the headache was gone and I was somehow still motivated to go to the gym!  I got there around 2:00, better late than never!

The workout was fantastic.  Cardio and weights, I have never done anything with weights before, and it was awesome having someone walk me through it telling me all the little things I would have overlooked.  I felt pretty darn great after that!  I was looking forward to yoga even more, and encouraging my best buddy to make it there with me.

So at 7:00 we were both psyched to go to this class when she calls me to inform me that it was at 6:00 not 7:30 <sadface> Shoe shopping!  Sniffles!  Sniffles?  wtf…. by 10:00 I was DYING!  I came home, I ate my take out mexican, I went to bed, I whined and whimpered and I still am.  I made it to a job interview this morning but I cancelled my beloved body sculpt class and slept all day.

I’m not sure what I was thinking this morning, but I brought home Krispy Kreme donuts.  Did you know those have almost 300 calories each?  I am sick, and I am a wimp about it, and I am reverting my my old comforts to soothe me.  They aren’t working.  I know yoga and the gym wouldn’t have helped me today either, but I think that an extra hour alone with my book and my fuzzy slippers would have soothed me much more effectively that those silly donuts.  At least I figured this out before the day had ended and I am not messing with the leftovers, or the fantastic looking cupcakes that Grandma made today.  I took a page from my Husband’s book on the cupcakes.  When I asked him if he wanted one he said “I’m not hungry” and I thought “Hm, neither am I, they can sit there.”  That was pretty tremendous.  Even though I screwed up with the donuts this morning, I think the cupcakes were a breakthrough, especially being sick.  Did I tell you I am pretty sure that it’s meningococcal meningitis?  Yea, Walgreens commercial said that early symptoms resemble a common cold.  Sean says it’s lupus, but it’s never lupus.



~ by lmkelley on April 1, 2011.

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