Girls night!!!

Wow, I haven’t had a real girl’s night in too long!  Last night was fantastic!  Met up with Steph and Michele at Granite City where I was robbed blind by one of the best tasting margaritas I have ever had.  I think it was so yummy because there was an obvious lack of alcohol, and quite a bit of crushed ice in the bottom of the rather small glass.  It was fun though.  We sat and talked about old times, new times, wedding stuff!  Michele is getting married this summer too and going through all the same stuff I am.  The main event of the night was a midnight showing of Sixteen Candles at Notre Dame.  I had actually never seen it before!  I feel like a more complete person now, having seen it.  I was still feeling pretty sick but it was great to hang out and watch a silly 80s love story.

I ended up sleeping pretty late today, I don’t usually stay up that late!  When I finally woke up, joy oh joy, now Sean is sick!  If we start passing this cold back and forth I will die!  I went to CVS and loaded up on supplies though.  This is a terrible time for this to happen, we have to move next week.  I know I didn’t want to do anything while I was sick, which has lasted for four days now, and I am sure Sean won’t want to move a muscle for the next four or five days.  I just hope he will be well enough by next weekend to load the trailer, so in the meantime I am just going to make sure everything is ready to go.  I’m pretty excited about our house, sick or not, nothing can ruin it for me!


~ by lmkelley on April 3, 2011.

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