I speek politix!

Have we already forgotten making fun of Bush’s grammar and vocabulary?  Did the words he coined much to our own humor get left on the side of the road when he left office?  We made fun of Bush for such bushisms as ‘nucular’ because saying things like that really present you are a bit stupid.  I thought we were finally figuring out that in order for a person to be treated as though they were an intelligent person worthy of ‘adult talk’ they had to present themselves as such.  It seems like every time I turn around someone is arguing with me in broken English.  I can usually decipher the code, but it does get really annoying.  Why don’t people care about how they present themselves to others?  Has the internet numbed us that much?  Take for example…

“true no politician should be able to give a contract to a company they have any interest in period conflict of interest.but unfortunately there not inforcing that for some reason”

This was part of a Facebook discussion from this morning.  I have no doubt that this person isn’t slow in the head.  I am pretty sure they graduated high school, as they mentioned in the thread going to high school with a member of my family, the same high school I went to.  Looking over this person’s profile I can see that they did graduate, they read, they have raised a number of children, and live what appears to be a fulfilling life.  So, I can’t judge them and say ‘Wow, this person is stupid, how can I argue with them.’  They seem to be at least minimally knowledgeable about what they are saying, although they refuse to stray from opinion and belief into the realm of reality, so it’s hard to say.  They did make one very uninformed statement, but it’s a pretty common one.  So all in all, this is not a stupid person, there is nothing ignorant and uneducated about their thoughts.  They have obviously ptu as much thought into what they are saying as anyone else off the street who is willing to share an opinion.

The only thing I really see wrong here is the presentation.  Now I don’t believe for a minute that this person doesn’t understand the different forms of their, there, and they’re.  I just think that people care so little about things like that nowadays that  people don’t pay attention to it.  Maybe this is the fault of the internet.  Most websites, including Facebook, have an automatic spell check.  people have come to rely on it to get their words right and so they don’t take the time to glance over what they have written to see if it makes sense.  I am in no way saying that I am a grammatical genius, but I do make an honest effort to get things right.  At least I hope I do well enough that I present myself in a way that makes people feel like they can take me seriously.  I wouldn’t want to be misunderestimated or anything.


~ by lmkelley on April 16, 2011.

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