Real men wear pink!

The other day I was looking at the facebook page of one of my favorite bloggers (The Feminist Breeder) and she said something I found quite odd.

“I’d like to write about this, but my head has exploded into little pieces all over my keyboard. Instead, I’m gonna go paint my sons’ toenails like they’ve been asking me to, take a picture, and send it to Fox News.”

Uh.. what?  What is so bad she can’t write about it, and why would she send pictures of her sons toenails to Fox News?  I figured that if she is painting them pink, and sending them to Fox, something stupid must be going on that I have not yet heard about.  I had to figure out what.  I don’t like to be in the dark about the stupid!  Lucky me, she linked a Hulu video, and I love Jon Stewart!

The video clip was great, I guess Jon Stewart basically pointed out all the stupid.  How far backwards have we had to go to think that painting a boy’s toenails pink is encouraging him to be gay or transgender?  Really?  Why, just last summer I painted my husband’s toenails dildo, oops I meant neon, pink.  Trust me folks, he is still straight.  Although now I am pretty glad his co-workers and workplace superiors never knew, they might have kicked him out of the Army for it at this rate!

Well, like I said, I am not one to miss the stupid, so I had to research this a little bit.  The first thing I felt I needed to do was find the original photo.

So that’s the oh so offending image.  I’m shocked they didn’t attack his hair too.  He’s a pretty cute kid.  I think a person would be hard pressed to find a boy-type, young or old, that grew up with an older sister, or a single mom, or both, that didn’t have his nails painted.  He probably got dressed up in a dress once or twice too.  I was talking about this, among other gender identifiers, with a friend the other day.  These kinds of gender identifiers are not born with us.  Yes, there are some thing that a very young child will exhibit that express gender differences, but color choice is not one of them.  She pointed out to how so many things that are considered ok for women to do, have been labeled as girly, and men can’t do them.  ‘I am allowed to cry in public’ she said.  As well as a number of other things.  Men can’t worry too much over their appearance, or what other people think of them, and god forbid they want to cover an embarrassing blemish with a little makeup or ~gasp~ PAINT THEIR NAILS!!!!  It’s silly.

Find me a man who was ‘turned gay’ by pink nail polish, please.  Find me a transgender man who will say ‘I knew I wanted to be a woman the moment my mother painted my toenails as a child.’  Yea, thats not going to happen.  People are getting so obsessed with other people’s business that suddenly an advertisement for a clothing designer is now a political stance on homosexuality.  Is the kid healthy?  Fed?  Clothed? Cared for?  If the answer is yes, then it’s none of your business how his parents raise him.  Nobody would ever step up on the news and slander a white upper middle class suburban catholic family for raising their child as catholic, however there are a lot of people who think it’s a negative way to raise a child.  We know for a fact that even a same sex couple can raise a child that is straight.  So why do we think it’s possible to force a child to be gay with nail polish?

Pay close attention to these toes…

Yea, thats former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell.  I’d say he’s rather ‘manly’.


~ by lmkelley on April 16, 2011.

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