Who are you?

I respect that you are religious, and I admire your dedication to your faith. That being said, I also do not care what you believe in. I couldn’t care less. Be offended, i don’t care. I have been told many times that I am a worthless person because of my lack of faith in what you believe in. Why should it be acceptable for you to offend me, but not for me to offend you? Why then should I be forced to behave in a manner that is considered acceptable to your belief structure, when it has nothing to do with mine? I have never tried to impose rules on you because I think what you are doing is wrong or disgusting. Sometimes I think that the way you treat your children is abusive, but you are the on in my face telling me I don’t deserve children because of the way I intend to raise them.

You think you are extremely important, because of your beliefs, I disagree. I think you are no better than any body else, regardless of beliefs. Your beliefs give you no power over me, or anybody else. You are so sure that you are right that you have decided that it is acceptable for you and yours to decide how my children will be raised and educated, because you arrogantly assume that people will agree with you. You are wrong. I not only don’t agree with you I think you need to shut up, back off, and stay out of other people’s lives.

You are so ignorant to what other people think that you believe that the world is trying to turn your children gay. Nobody cares what your child’s sexual orientation is. That is, until you begin abusing them because of it. I am ok with my child being gay, and so you need to butt out. It is none of your business. If my child feels more comfortable discussing their sexual confusion with a school counselor, I encourage them to do so, because I trust the faculty at the school I choose for my children. I trust that they will be honest and neutral when discussing important matters with my children, at that they will do so with the honor to which they are bound. What makes you think you are important enough to decide that that isn’t ok? Who are you? I have never even met you, I don’t trust you with decisions about my child’s life.

What makes you think you have the right to choose for me? You come to my home, you leave litter on my doorstep. Do I do that to you? Do I wake you up at 7am on a Sunday so that I can make sure to get my opinions in before you potentially go to the wrong brick building that morning?

Do I tell you what you can and cannot do with your body based on my own beliefs? No, I don’t, but if I were going to I would tell you that you can do whatever you want, it is your body. I don’t try to tell you that you are a bad person because you are tattooed, but you glare at me in the grocery store. I don’t force you to believe that a baby is not a baby when it has no heart to beat. I don’t make every attempt to make sure that you are a broken person for the rest of your life because you became pregnant against your will, or simply because you made, what you feel, is a mistake. Why do you think it’s ok to do that to me? Why do you force me to resort to saying things in a manner in which I know will offend you, in order to get you to understand that what is right for you may not be right for me?  My reasons are my own, I do not have to answer to you. You are nobody to me.

You are the religious one, but you are not the tolerant one. I am the tolerant one.



~ by lmkelley on May 28, 2011.

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