A plague is on me!

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So, I met the great woman at yoga a couple weeks ago.  Her name is Meredith and she is a lifestyle coach.  She has a blog, check it out http://www.findyourhealthyvoice.com.  I think she’s great.  Well she was talking to me about the ‘white stuff’ that we all love and can’t keep away from.  Basically things like pasta and rice.  Go brown she told me.  Did I listen?  Nooooo.  Why would I do a silly thing like that?  I did it.  I had spaghetti tonight.  I was good, we had spaghetti the other day too, and I didn’t eat it.  She says that it makes you crave sweet things.  I had never noticed before, but here I am, after 2 ENTIRE plates of spaghetti, wanting soda.  I don’t drink sugary soda!  Meredith says not even wheat spaghetti is good, it’s all processed food.  So…  I really need to get myself a box of (blech) brown rice, and get used to it.  How am I going to manage to stay away from teh stuff when it’s my husband’s favorite food!!!!

Here is a link to Meredith’s post about spaghetti and it’s partners in crime.





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So, I finished the 10 day yoga challenge, with much success!  But now, during my much needed 3 days off of yoga, I have to work on the wedding.  I am so stressed.  I got my stamps today though, and found out that I got on of mu husband’s aunt’s last name completely wrong!  I think everything is printed off, I just need to get it all put together and in the mail.  The invitations aren’t my only worry though.  It’s time to start worrying about food, and the guys that haven’t ordered their tuxes yet!  I think even writing this short little blurb is just a way to put off diving into the sea of stick on diamonds and pearls that is taking up residence on my coffee table.  Will someone please bring me some cake and coffee?  That would be fantastic…


Day 10!

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Today is the final day of the 10 day yoga challenge.  I am taking it a little bit easy today with a 1.5 class, taught by an instructor I haven’t met yet.  I am excited, I love mixing it up with different teachers.  I did make it to two classes yesterday, but I have to admit, one of them was pretty easy.  I took a restorative yoga class with Liz, and had to fight to keep myself awake through parts of it.  I am pretty sure I even fell asleep once or twice…  HHot yoga last night was what it always is, and as always I felt fantastic afterwards.  Through all of this I think I have decided that yoga every day is a little too much for me.  The past couple of days I have noticed that I can’t keep up as well, and have annoying pains in my knees and feet.  Some of those annoying knee pains are bruises!  I have lovely bruises on both knees from so much tabletop.  I’ll make it though, and after today I will have completed the entire challenge.  I am so proud of myself ^_^

Happy Monday!

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Today was day 8, and I completed my 7th class.  Love body sculpt.  i wanted to take 1 or 2 more classes today, but I had to devote some time to wedding invitations.  I am an awful lot of headway on them too.  13 pages down!  Good stuff.  Tomorrow morning I have pilates, and some yoga in the afternoon/evening.  After this challenge is over I think i am going to do a personal challenge.  At least 1 pilates class a week for….  3 weeks!

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Today is day 7!  I missed yesterday because I went to Shipshewana with Stephanie, then Kelsey and I met Steph at her house for a little wedding planning.  It was a super fun day and I really needed it.  As we do every Sunday, Steph and I met up for a 9:30 Yoga 1.5 class this morning.  It was a nice easy class, and today thats just what I needed.  I am a little sore, but my muscles aren’t tightening up from overuse.  My body is just still adjusting to the next activity level I am forcing upon it.  I am really keeping it in a constant state of needing to adjust, because every class I focus, not on how far I have come in my abilities, but what the next step is from where I am on that day.  Maybe on Monday I can put my hands flat on the floor without bending my knees, and on Tuesday it’s just my fingertips, everyday I push a little bit more than where ever I am.

Today it was a wide stance forward fold.  I can pretty much always get my forearms on the floor, easy peasy.  Today my hips felt really forgiving though, so I opened up my stance a little bit more, and sure enough, the top of my head was on the floor.  It’s amazing remembering where I was on that first day.  I couldn’t roll down from seated to laying on my back without basically falling the last few inches.  Now I can do it easily.  Normally I keep my eyes shut, but I happened to open them today and notice that Steph had her hands wrapped around her foot with one leg extended in front of her.  The first time she and I went together I remember her only being able to reach her shin.  That’s pretty fantastic!  She has amazingly long legs, so it’s a long reach.  No big deal for my stubby little legs!

I’m still keeping my daily journal, and I may keep it up after this challenge is over.  I am hoping I can not only make it to day 11, but go to a 6am class on that day!  Two classes for me tomorrow, I have to make up for yesterday.  Body Sculpt in the morning.  I am SO glad Liz added this class, her Thursday Scuplt class is one of my FAVORITES!  Then in the evening I am think Pure Solace Flow.  A nice relaxing class after pushing myself hard in the morning sounds good.  I am even starting to look forward to H Hot on Tuesday!  I am never really smart enough to look forward to going, but I always look forward to how I feel after!

Today I am working on my wedding invitations.  I still have so much to do!  I have everyone finished from the list I got from Sean’s Mom though, I just have to do my friends and family now, as well as a few other little things.  Hopefully I will get plenty done today!  Namaste!

Yoga! (Originally posted Mar 18 on tumblr)

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I started taking yoga a couple months ago, and almost immediately it began to change my life.  Last week one of the instructors told me that they were planning a 10 day yoga challenge.  I think the people who complete it get their names put in a drawing for… something, but it sounded like fun to me.

Today is day 5, and so far so good.  I will miss tomorrow though, but I plan on making that up by taking 2 classes on Monday.  I will certainly enjoy the little break, this has been a tough week.  Monday started off easy enough with a level 1 intro class.  Then on Tuesday evening, and again Wednesday morning, I went to H Hot yoga.  It’s basically a fairly beginner class, but done in a 100 degree room.  It’s definitely one of the more difficult classes I take, but it seems like it’s one of the most rewarding.  I come out of that hot room feeling so much better that I did when I went in.  All the aches and pains I may have been feeling are gone, and I just feel so relaxed.  Finish it off with a long hot shower and I am in heaven!

On Thursdays I take a body sculpt class.  The studio owner, Liz, encouraged me to take this one a couple weeks back.  I have been to it twice and I really like it.  It’s very very difficult for me, and I can’t keep up with the rest of the class, but I am getting there.

Today was pure solace flow.  I adore pure solace flow.  When I first went into the room the lights were all off, and there were candles on all the way around the walls.  I couldn’t see at all.  After standing in the doorway for a couple minutes, trying to let my eyes adjust, I risked the short 2 or 3 steps to the stack of mats against the wall.  The corner created a shadow making that particular spot pitch black, and I kind of crept slowly feeling for the things I knew would be against that wall.  I finally got myself a mat, without stepping on anyone, and about the time I found a place to lay it down the instructor walked in and commented about how very dark it was and turned the lights up a bit.  Well, I made it in anyway.  I had a terrible headache, so anything upside down was pretty much off the table.  That wasn’t a terrible loss though.  There are some poses that I only really see done in that class, and it’s nice and slow.  It just makes me feel good all over.

Last night I decided to start journaling about my progress.  I wish the thought had occurred to me sooner, but better late than never!  I will post those journals, probably Sunday, for tomorrow, I shop!


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Yoga’d out feeties practically begging me to get in the shower!

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